Name: Microtis Oblonga Common Name: Sweet Onion-Orchid
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We were exploring a new track, not far from our usual haunt.  A number of puddles had been negotiated, until we found one that looked like it could swallow our car - where is that 4-wheel drive we wanted?

Skirting the pond we walked on, this was surely wet heathlands.  We had been wondering where these might be in Anglesea as a number of prized orchids would be fond there.

Soon we found a Microtis in the dense undergrowth - was it special? 

Yes it was! We had finally remembered our magnifying glass and for once used it!

The main feature of this plant over other Onions is how the long Labellum hugs the ovaries, flowers are well spaced.

Photographed in the Anglesea Heathlands.


Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering October to January, mainly between November to December.

Size: Up to 60cm tall,  flowers - usually 5 to 50, to 4mm across

Position:  Mainly in Southern parts of the state, extending to the Grampians & mountainous area.

Endemic, Secure.