Diplodium sp Nora Creina
Nora Creina Shell Orchid

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Photographed near Portland on 14 June 2011.

Separated out as a distinct species by Bob Bates, this orchid usually grows with other shell orchids but no hybrids have been noted.  Its type location is Nora Creina Bay, SA but Bates also notes it's located in the Portland area, which is why after an unsuccessful attempt to find it in SA we also looked into Portland on the way home.  Reading Bob's description and looking at the accompanying photo I feel we have found it! 

It can be distinguished from other shell orchids by its tri-colour flower, with a gap between the lateral sepals and galea.  The lateral sepals are fine and arch forwards.  As it is in the Diplodium family the flower does not have a rosette, but the non-flowering plants have a large crenulate leaf rosette.