Diplodium decurva  
Summer Greenhood  
Pterostylis decurva  

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We had been to the top of the mountain (Mt Baw Baw) and had seen some great orchids; we were on our way down to check-out more areas.  One of the group we were with suggested we stop and look at Tanjil Bren as she had seen the Yellow Leek here 15 years ago. It was on the way so why not.

Well, on the nature strip of a track were these decurvas

Lucky home-owners!

Photographed at Tanjil Bren

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering December to February, mainly January.

Size: Up to 90cm tall,  flowers -  usually 8 to 50, to 10mm across.

Location: Occurs in mountain areas of Victoria, in tall wet forests.

Endemic, Secure.