Chiloglottis trapeziformis - Dainty Bird Orchid

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We found these after a 3 hour struggle!  I followed my GPS to the exact point but that was in a dense thicket of prickly Wattles.  We crawled here and there but no orchids we wanted were there.  We left downhearted but some 50m away towards where we thought our car might be, we found what we had came for.  They are tiny orchids easily overlooked, but there were hundreds of them.

So much for technology, put in the wrong data and the output is equally stupid!

Photographed at Teasdale Common.


Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering August to December, mainly September to November.

Size: Flower stem to 8cm tall,  flowers -  1, to 20mm across. 

Position:  Mainly in Eastern Victoria,  in mountain and coastal areas.  Closed fscrublands open forests and woodlands, in well drained sands and clay loams.

Endemic, Secure.



A variation on these colours is the green form.


In about 35 sq m there were at least a thousand plants!